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Mayweather betting on sports again

Mayweather betting on sports again

Mayweather is a big fan of sports betting. Just after his fight against Canelo he apparently won $200,000 on a Texas A&M match and now he's more than likely going to place another huge wager (somewhere around $300,000) on the Aggies.

Although Mayweather has denied rumours of him placing a $6 million bet on Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals of 2012 between the Heat and the Pacers, he has admitted to placing large sums on bookies when it comes to football. He already admitted  on a radio show that he's going to bet $300,000 on his next pick.

He also told Peter Schrager of Fox Sports that he will not offer picks, tips or advice unless he's paid for it or unless he has a share on the winnings.

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