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Match fixing taking over as profits are bigger

Match fixing taking over as profits are bigger

After the results of a Spanish league game between Deportivo la Coruna and Levante, Chris Eaton, former head of security at FIFA, will ask the European ministers for a major involvement in an issue that concerns all.

The game played on April 13, ended with a score of 4-0 for Deportivo leading Levante’s Javier Barkero, doubt his team-mates of not doing their best on purpose. Nonetheless, both teams denied fixing the score, but, Deportivo president Augusto Cesar, is very aware that match-fixing is very common in Spain.

Such charges come after an Interpol report laying out the reality that the global game faces, revealing that profits from illegal bets and match-fixing are “on the same scale as the Coca-Cola company”. Sports gambling, generates twice as much as FIFA's income in a year each day.

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