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Match-fixing: scourge of the world

Match fixing scourge of the world

Football is one of the most beloved and followed sports around the world but the football community is once more being shaken by match-fixing scandals. In the latest of a long string of scandals, Kuala Lumpur has seen 8 of its FA members (5 players and 3 officials) suspended for life from the football industry after having been found guilty of fixing matches and results.

The president of the Disciplinary Committee of the Malaysian Football Association, Datuk Taufik Adul Razak, said the body would not tolerate any kind of cheating or fixing of results and said in a recent interview, "When we found out that this issue is still going on here in Malaysia, we decided to follow the principal of prevention is better than cure".

The suspension of 3 of its officials, including head coach Stanislav Lievkosky, assistant team manager Rosdi Omar and officer Shaari Jani and the suspension of 5 of its FA players, including Jeremy Danker, Khairul Anuar Shafiee, Hafize Roslee, Fadhulah Yunsifar and Phoo Kai Lun, has left the country in shambles.

Italy has also been rocked by match-fixing scandals including the latest one involving Series A and football superstar and 2006 World Cup winner Gennaro Gattuso. If Gatuso turns out to be guilty, the implications and ripples of the scandal will forever change the Italian football scene.