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Man wins £125K on bet placed 14 years ago

Man wins 125K on bet placed 14 years ago

14 years ago, on January 2000, Pete Edwards bet £50 that his grandson (then only 2 years old) would play soccer for the Welsh National Team. On Tuesday, his bet paid off when his grandson, Harry Wilson (now aged 16) played as a substitute for Wales in the World Cup Qualifier against Belgium.

Harry Wilson came in on the 87th minute of the Wales-Belgium match which ended in a 1-1 draw. This not only made him the country's youngest international football player but it also earned his grandfather a juicy £125,000.

Graham Sharpe from William William PLC, the bookmaker which took the wager 14 years ago, said in a statement: “We have taken thousands of bets like these, but we rarely have to pay out on them”.