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Man from Spain Predicts Defeat to Netherlands - Wins €100,000 Prize

Man from Spain Predicts Defeat to Netherlands Wins 100 000 Prize

A Spanish man predicted the correct 5-1 outcome of the Netherlands vs Spain match and won a prize worth €100,000 of fuel doing so, as he was the only man in the country predicting the correct outcome. The man had entered the contest along with 70,000 other Spaniards, in one of his local gas stations where Cepsa Oil had the competition, Cepsa who is a major sponsor for the Spanish national team.

The winner, Jacobo Rios-Capape, is 58-years old and comes from Valencia and is a fan of the Spanish team despite betting against his team. While he of course wanted Spain to beat the Netherlands, he just fancied his chances going in the opposite direction.

"While obviously wanting Spain to win, I thought that if Netherlands beat us they would do it handsomely. So I thought of 5-1, even if I was not that sure." Rios-Capape said to the Spanish newspaper Marca adding "Actually, after I did it I thought it was crazy and it would never happen."

He does feel a little bad having bet against his home-country and Rios-Capape therefore announced that he will get his revenge on Wednesday, where Spain plays against Chile. "Tomorrow I am going to fill up my car and I am going to bet that Spain beat Chile 5-1." he said.

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