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Malaysia Stands Firm To Curb Illegal Gambling

Malaysia Stands Firm To Curb Illegal Gambling

Online gambling equipment worth RM 345,500 (around $80,000) has been seized by authorities from two different venues in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in an attempt to crackdown illegal gambling activities. In all about 239 items that are believed to be related to online gambling were seized in a raid conducted on July 28.

The Malaysian capital has many venues that have gambling going throughout the city despite being strictly prohibited. Around 615 venues in the city are reportedly engaged in gambling.

Kuala Lumpur runs on strict Islamic laws for locals that include prohibition of ‘Syariah (Sharia) offences’ and alcohol consumption. The raids come down as a part of the crackdown operations that started in January this year. It is a joint effort between police and City Hall, the Islamic Religious Department and the Inland Revenue commission, the task force which is aimed at reducing the illegal gambling operations and also curbing the associated crimes with these gambling dens like human trafficking, drug abuse and prostitution.

More than 1000 people have been arrested, and about 2000 gaming machines have been seized in the 330 raids that have been conducted so far.