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Majority of voters of Maryland support sports betting

Majority of voters of Maryland support sports betting

A recently concluded survey revealed that fifty-three percent of registered voters in Maryland are in favour of legal sport wagering in the state.

The study conducted by Washington Post and the University of Maryland found that 37 percent of the respondents didn't want to see sports betting legalized while 10 per cent of the people refrained from giving opinions on the matter.

It also revealed that though only 24 percent of the people strongly approved of legal sports Maryaland is unlikely to bring sports betting in the state in coming two years. The state plans to include it in the ballot for the November 2020 elections.

Earlier this year, Frank Turner, a delegate had introduced the measure which proposed the inclusion of the legalized sports betting in the ballot. The Maryaland House of delegates approved it in a 124-14 vote last March. However the bill couldn't get passed the senate and it was adjourned in April this year.

Supreme Court lifted the federal ban from sports betting  paving way for New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Mississippi to legalize sports wagering in their state. Arkansas voters approved of issue 4 which also included sport betting among casino gaming activities.

In the survey it was also found that respondents under 40 years of age approved the idea of sports betting with 7 out of 10 people supporting the cause. Among the older age group, a dissent for the idea was seen as less than four out of 10 people supported the cause.

The study also showed that lesser number of women supported legalization. Another study done by East Carolina University showed that 47 per cent of the voters favoured betting on sports while 26 per cent of them disapproved of it.