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Macau Slot Co Ltd Sees !5% Loss In Profit, Despite Overall Rise In Revenue

Macau Slot Co Ltd Sees 5% Loss In Profit Despite Overall Rise In Revenue

Macau Slot Co Ltd, a Macau sports betting concessionaire, said in a summary it reportedly had a net profit of MOP117.9 million (US$14.7million) for the entire year 2016, which was 14.8% less than its figure the previous year. With the exceptions of horse race betting, the concessions of which are held by Macau Horse Racing Co Ltd, Macau Slot holds a monopoly on sports betting. Despite a 3.9 percent increase in gross revenue from sports betting there was yet a fall in the profit. MOP699 million was collected in revenues in 2016 with that compared to MOP673 million in 2015. Of the two main betting categories of Macau Slot, football and basketball, basketball generated around MOP541million and MOP158 million respectively in 2016 as compared to MOP503 million and MOP170 respectively in 2015. As compared to a destination U.S known to appeal masses, where sports betting is a staple of casino gaming floor product, no casino in Macau operates sports books on their gaming floors.