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Liam Wallwork New Gaming Director for Betfair

Liam Wallwork New Gaming Director for Betfair

Betfair, the world's biggest betting exchange site, announced today that they have promoted Liam Wallwork as their new Gaming Director. Wallwork has been with Betfair for a number of years and will now be the responsible figure for their revenue performance and strategic direction of the company as well.

Wallwork replaces  Matthew Robinson, who was the Gaming Director for Betfair until he left in October of 2014, looking for new opportunities. Betfair has had a good year and wants to keep the ball rolling, which they hope that Wallwork can do with his promotion from Head of Gaming Operations.

Wallwork will be responsible for products such as bingo, slots, exchange and everything else not poker or betting related. With a past in both Skybet and Paddy Power, Wallwork is no stranger to the large company structure and the responsibility, making him ideal to take over.

Betfair wants to continue developing their products in-house instead of outsourcing it like their clients do, which is an important task to continue. Not only does it save money, it also makes it easier to tailor-make the products to what Betfair wants.