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Legal sports betting market will increase NFL bettors by 63 per cent: Study

Legal sports betting market will increase NFL bettors by 63 per cent Study

The American Gaming Association has released a sports betting survey commissioned from Neilsen Sports which asserts the positive influence of legal sports betting and says that legal sports betting will benefit teams, fans and the operators.

According to the American Gaming Association, Neilsen conducted a surevey among 1,032 US adults who were more 18 years from May 15 to May 31, 2018.

Among many significant findings the survey also released 71 per cent of bettors who are betting with a bookie are willing to move all of their wagering to the regulated market if they have access to a legal platform.

The UK Gambling Commission says that it captures around 95 per cent of the sports betting in legal market.

A study by Copenhagen Economics commissioned by the Swedish government found that level of gambling taxes was directly proportional to the proportion of players captured by the regulated market.

New Jersey, where the online sports btting tax rate of 13 per cent is expected to reach more than the 71 percent suggested.

The research analyzed the betting habits of the people and examined how the availability of legal sports betting.

Currently, 19 per cent of NFL fans engage in sports wagering and the survey found that the fan base would significantly increase to 31 per cent with legalized sports betting.

A study done by Morning Consult conducted a survey which had also concluded similar results to Nielson's study.

"Prospective bettors are more likely to be age 34 or younger than current bettors (38 percent vs. 30 percent) and more likely to be making less than $50,000 in annual income (56 percent vs. 46 percent)"

AGA is expected to follow up its report with another one which will estimate the amount of revenue that the major US sports league will generate.