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Lawson Elaborates on Collaboration with OLG

Lawson Elaborates on Collaboration with OLG

A project to integrate horse racing with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. is currently in the pipeline.

Jim Lawson, CEO of Woodbine Entertainment, talks about the opportunities such products might bring in an interview for Toronto Sun. In his view, parlay betting and lottery games will generate revenue for racing and attract lots of players.

In addition, Lawson hopes that if single-game sports betting legislation is approved, the company will become a prominent player in the industry through its HPI betting system. He adds that Woodbine is currently negotiating with stakeholders to introduce racing as part of a pro-line type bet.

Other topics Lawson touches upon in the interview are competition in Toronto, the potential hurdle of introducing new people to racing, as well as a plan to develop a 683-acre Woodbine site featuring a 5,000-seat music venue, which is to be launched as early as the end of this year.