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Lawmaker Marc Levine wants to prohibit DFS betting in California

Lawmaker Marc Levine wants to prohibit DFS betting in California

Supporters of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) target California lawmaker Marc Levine, who was the only one that voted “No” on a proposed bill, allowing the continuation of daily fantasy sports betting in California. Levine's intention is to let voters decide on banning websites such as DraftKings and FanDuel.



Supporters made a radio ad which is played by some Bay Area radio-stations. The ad says: “Marc Levine wants to ban fantasy football. Marc Levine is the Assemblyman who wants to ban fantasy football in California. While other Legislators all voted to adopt the industry's highest standards of play, Assemblyman Levine voted “NO” and thinks government should take fantasy sports away. Permanently.”



Levine said: “If I'm the only legislator to vote my conscience and they're spending tens of thousands of dollars attacking me for it, they're in trouble.” He stated that the group behind the ad is hitting the panic button, because sites like DraftKings and FanDuel are already banned in states like New York and Nevada, because they are classified as gambling.



Assembly member Adam Gray is the one who introduced the bill, stating new by-laws will equalize the playing field for all fantasy players. “We want to make sure that when money is involved, you don't have identity theft and you don't have underage players and people taken advantage of,” Gray said. “So, I think the bill accomplishes that.”



Whilst players state the betting is not gambling but a game of skill, Levine is not pulling out. The bill will be heard later today on the state assembly floor. If it passes, it will move on to the senate.