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Ladbrokes Responses to Donnellan's £1 Million Mistake

Ladbrokes Responses to Donnellan's 1 Million Mistake

Yesterday we brought a story about Jordan Donnellan, who thought he had won £1 million by predicting the correct outcome of 14 different matches and started to celebrate with his friends, only to discover that he had filled in the wrong betting coupon and had won nothing.

Ladbrokes have now released an official statement in the Donnellan case, where they don't seem like they really feel for the young lad, but instead said that he had been wrong the whole time and that it was a nice try.

"In order for it to yield big returns, both teams must score in the chosen matches and the correct result must also be chosen. In at least one of the matches he chose, both teams did not score." The first part of the statement from David Williams, Spokesperson at Ladbrokes said.

"It's rather like buying a UK lottery ticket then spotting that your numbers have come up on the Australian Lotto. It was a nice try by Mr Donnellan but it is also nonsense." The statement ended.

While it is without a doubt Donnellan's own mistake that he had filled out the wrong coupon, a little sympathy could be in place from Ladbrokes side as it is not every day you predict the outcome of 14 games straight on and not win a major prize.


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