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La Liga Teams Up With COMSEC and SIS Against Unofficial Scouts in Spain

La Liga Teams Up With COMSEC and SIS Against Unofficial Scouts in Spain

The Spanish La Liga has partnered up with COMESEC and SIS in order to try and clamp down on the unofficial football scouts roaming the stadiums. A record number of scouts were kicked out of the football grounds in the 2014/2015 season and La Liga is determined to do something about it.

The plan is to spread the official stats to more providers to try and eliminate the need for scouts, as well as trying to make a better effort of identifying the illegal scouts and remove them from the grounds.

Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga said: “Protecting the integrity of sport has never been more important. LaLiga is committed to taking all necessary measures to eradicate unofficial data collection, ‘court-siding’ and gambling fraud from within our grounds.”

 Rachel Coulson, Head of Business Data for SIS, said: “We’re working closely with our partners at LaLiga and COMSEC to ensure operators continue to have access to the highest possible quality and reliable official data products.”

“Operators desire a fast, reliable and robust data stream for Spanish football and unauthorised data collection, apart from not being endorsed by LaLiga, is heavily dependent on unofficial in-stadium scouts which can cost operators dearly when it is disrupted.” She added.

James Ramm, Managing Director of COMSEC, said: “Unofficial data collection is unsupervised and unreliable. COMSEC is proud to work with LaLiga and SIS to combat unofficial in-stadium data collection and removing match-fixing opportunities”.