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Kenya Launches Free Betting Newspaper

Kenya Launches Free Betting Newspaper

An interesting product has come along with the recent growth of the sports betting industry in Kenya. It is a free newspaper that provides betting advice and tips on securing massive wagering wins.

The newspaper is called TheJackpot Daily and it is so far the only free-of-charge sports edition in the country. It was introduced this week and features the latest domestic and international sports news, game analyses, expert betting advice, match odds and more.

For the time being, the newspaper is available electronically for PC as well as mobile and tablet. It is accessible through

The team behind TheJackpot Daily are also planning to roll out a paper version to be distributed on the streets, which comprises the next stage of the project. They are hoping that the product will meet popular public demand for getting the most of betting and will thus become very successful. With no competition on the horizon, this may well be true.