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Keith Gillespie wagered over £100K a day

Keith Gillespie wagered over 100K a day

Football's history is not a clean one, with many match-fixing incidents, sold out stars and more money flowing through the illegal gambling networks than through the legal sponsorship and trade deals, but few stories have been so detailed about gambling habits than Keith Gillespie's.

In his new book titled 'How Not To Be A Football Millionaire', Gillespie recounts how his betting habits got out of hand he was even betting over £100,000 a day. According to Gillespie, the rush is not in the win itself, it's in chasing the next winner.

At some points in his life he would even be laying thousands of pounds horses and dogs without even having a clue what was going on or how the mechanics of the race even worked out.

“I’m an adult, it’s my fault, I guess I’m just an addictive personality.” Gillespie says of the wrecking wagering sessions which cost him far more than any regular citizen would hope to earn in a lifetime.