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Jordan Spieth, the inspiration of modern-day university golfers

Jordan Spieth the inspiration of modern day university golfers

Golf has always been a game of precision and patience, something that’s not the forte of most 20-year-old university students. However, for Jordan, this set of precision and patience is the only challenge that gets up him from bed every morning. His childhood friends may always call him a college dropout, but the world will still know this two time US Junior Amateur Champion as the No.1 amateur champion in the world at this moment.

With already so many accolades and laurels to his name, this 24-year-old is an inspiration to every amateur golfer in the world. Spieth has 11 PGA victories, won three of four majors and an estimation of $35 million in prize money and that too excluding the brand endorsements. Jordan was 19 when he dropped out midway through his sophomore-second-year at the University of Texas to become a professional player in December 2012.

Spieth has changed the way how people think of modern golf and gave new hope to university student golfers. In the words of Golf Channel commentator Rymer, “It is very, very likely that some of these Spieth wannabes will be competing and be winning at the highest level of the game, sooner rather than later. He changed the paradigm shift of every young professional coming out of college. Jordan Spieth came right out of the University of Texas and started winning like it was nothing, and now all the kids he inspired are also coming behind him are like: I can do that.”

The list of youngsters wanting to emulate Spieth is a very lengthy one, and the world of college golf gets as competitive as it could be.  Not only the college golfers has he inspired but also his friend of nine years Justin Thomas. Thomas became a professional player too a year later, credited him with opening the door and spurring him on to achieve an incredible 2017 season. "It's been a lot of me chasing him and his accomplishments so far," Thomas told before last month's TOUR Championship.

The only thing that makes Jordan a class apart from everyone else is his mental strength. Speaking of his mental toughness, Rymer said "Jordan is one of those athletes who think first as any remarkable athlete would. We had seen him win major championships when he wasn't in his top form." Referring to the 2017 Open where, after blowing a three-shot overnight lead, Spieth became the only player in history to play the last five holes of a major five-under par to secure the Claret Jug. "He just believes in himself as much as I've ever seen anyone believe in themselves and when a challenge comes along, it doesn't bother him. He looks at a game as 'let me show you how good I am,' and he goes out and gets it done," further added Rymer.

So who will be the next college golfer to emulate Spieth and Thomas and go on to win major titles at the senior level remains the question.

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