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Jeff Kennett concerned over sports betting 'indoctrination'

Jeff Kennett concerned over sports betting 'indoctrination'

Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett has raised his concern over the increasing trend of sports betting among young people during launching this year's beyondblue Cup.

He also called for action to limit the marketing and promotion of sports betting as he believes that it is indoctrinating a generation of young Australians.

He expressed his views to the reporters on Monday on the launch of beyondblue Cap, which is slated to be played between the Hawks and Sydney on Friday night, which aims raising awareness of mental illness.

Hawthorn, like other AFL (Australian Football League) clubs mainly rely on poker machine revenue but Kennet said that there is a difference between the two forms of gambling.

"They are not meant for children, they're not allowed to play it, only adults play it because they are capable of making choices," he said about poker machines.

"But, I am really worried about the sports betting. It is indoctrinating the whole young generation as that their future and their happiness is associating with gambling," he added.

He also said, "I think it is very dangerous to thrust down the throats of young people with sports betting on a daily basis through the medium of television, radio etcetera."

"We are indoctrinating them into a lifestyle aspiration, which according to me is quite dangerous."

 The federal government had introduced legislation last year for limiting the time where sports betting ads could be shown.

Although Hawthorn own two gaming venues in Melbourne, Kennett asserted that the Hawks are looking for an alternate to move away from gambling revenue. 

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