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Jamaican JustBet Pays Out $60 Million on World Cup so far

Jamaican JustBet Pays Out 60 Million on World Cup so far

The leading Jamaican betting company, JustBet, announced today that the world cup has been a great success for them and their players so far, having paid out more than $60 millions in prizes to punters so far.

“This has been the most memorable World Cup tournament in recent memory and we at JustBet are extremely pleased with the betting response so far,” Andrei Roper, Supreme Venture's Marketing Officer said. “We are very happy that so many persons all across Jamaica have been turning out in such large numbers to our sports betting locations to place their bets with JustBet,”

“We are also happy that so many of our bettors have been winning in what has been a World Cup full of upsets thus far. We also anticipate that we will have many more JustBet winners as persons try our wide range of bet options available.” Roper added.

With the elimination of several of the bigger and favorite teams such as Italy, England and Spain, many bettors saw their bets go down in flames pretty quickly, but there's still hope for them as well. The knock out phase matches will offer great odds and they are always guaranteed to provide extra thrills.

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