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Iowa likely to legalize sports betting

Iowa likely to legalize sports betting

Iowa could join Nevada to become the second state in the United States of America where betting on sports is legal. However, it all depends on New Jersey’s case of questioning the constitutionality of the status quo. If the ruling comes out in favour of New Jersey, Iowa state’ lawmakers might try to take advantage of the opening. The ruling on the NJ case is expected in the late spring-early summer timeframe.


The President and CEO of the Iowa Gaming Association Wes Ehrecke said that there is a majority of the population who love sports, watch sports, and look for the opportunity to bet on it. They sought for a legalized environment to punt. He assured that the Racing and Gaming Commission would make sure they get what they want. Ehrecke added that it would be no different than Vegas sports book and it will be structured in that way to get it going.


The Iowa Lottery Authority President and CEO Terry Rich, in a statement to WHO, said that we all await the court’s decision on Christie vs. NCAA, the New Jersey case. He said that lotteries around the country could assume many roles, and the technology indeed exists for the lottery to offer different options.


Rich said that they take direction for the products that they offer from the Legislature and Governor’s Office, and look to our state’s lawmakers for decisions on any developments in this regards. He also emphasized on consistent regulation across all forms of gaming.


In the New Jersey betting case, the Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association is appealing to rule the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) unconstitutional. The law outlawed sports betting in all states except for Nevada.


The CEO of NJ’s largest racetrack, Dennis Drazin of Darby Development, had estimated that up to $10 billion is wagered on sports betting illegally in the state of New Jersey. He stands for the legalization of sports betting.