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IOC invests $20 million to fight doping and match-fixing

IOC invests 20 million to fight doping and match fixing

The International Olympic Committee is planning on renewing the fight against its biggest threats: doping and match-fixing, which have been greatly affecting the credibility of the games.

Thomas Bach, the new president of the International Olympic Committee, announced after a four day meeting (to brainstorm how to stop these threats) that the organization would invest up to $20 million to this purpose.

The board agreed to generate a $10 million fund to finance research to develop new and better techniques to detect drug users. These techniques will be backed by asistance from national governments to match the same figures and aid the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The International Olympic Committee will also be creating a separate fund worth $10 million to "protect the clean athlete from any kind of manipulation or related corruption", which deals with match-fixing and illegal wagering.