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Indiana see 28% rise in sports betting revenue in December 2019

Indiana see 28% rise in sports betting revenue in December 2019

A total of $12 million revenue has been received in sports betting off $161.8 million handle by Indiana’s sportsbook. The increased in revenue marked a new state record in December, 2019. The result shows that the overall rise in revenue is around 28.9% in comparison of month-over-month.

Further, the overall collected online constituted to $110.6 million which is another upswing for the state. Indiana specifically recalled that the online sports betting handle reached 14.9% higher in December than the November results.

Or if you want to put it in another way, then you can say online betting will regain its dominance with some 68.3% of all total bets placed online. A slight rise has been seen in revenue from online operators which reached $7.8 million that was still up 80.9% since November.

Winners are the state’s budget and casino

Considering the taxes, the state was able to claim an estimated $1.1 million, which was a 29% increased month over month. But the main drive of this extensive revenue came from the Ameristar Casino that is teamed up with DraftKings and delivers state-of-the-art sports betting experience. DraftKings’ alone has generated total revenue of $74.9 million in betting handle.

Next in the line was Blue Chip Casino, which is a FanDuel property launched on September 5, 2019. It generated a total of $36 million in terms of bets and added $2.2 million in revenue. Following them on the third number was BetRivers sportsbook, an operator focused exclusively on online operators.

As of now, the result hasn’t been announced yet as BetAmerica was the latest to join in the state. A total of $2,129 was placed on December 31st, the day when Churchill Downs Interactive opened BetAmerica for business.

However, football remains on the top in terms of highest source of revenue with around $59.1 million bet on various NFL games. Following it was Basketball with $42.3 million in total stakes.