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Indiana Casinos preparing to launch Midwest sports betting

Indiana Casinos preparing to launch Midwest sports betting

Indiana's casinos are now ready to launch legalized sports betting in the starting of September, to get a quick advantage over competitors in Chicago and other nearby huge markets where this wagering is still to be legalized.


A new state now allows for betting as the law approved it to start from Sept 1 with alot of professional and international sporting events. There are 13 Indiana's licensed casinos states and betting parlors who are all set to start on-site sports wagering.


However, In may The Indiana Gaming Commission stated that "it might take time to get ready for sports betting till Sept 1, but we are working to reach the goal."

Caesars have most sports wagering areas as its casino in Hammond, two casinos are in Indianapolis, and one is in near Louisville, Kentucky.


The regional president of Caesar Dan Nita stated that the company hopes to get advantage with a quick start and first attracts gamblers to its Hammond casino before the sports betting is available in Illinois, which approved in June.

"The timing of it makes sense for us to get up and to run as expeditiously as possible," Nita added.


Moreover, this sports wagering is expected to start on Aug 15 in lowa, which results in the formation of the 11th state to allow sports wagering since the U.S Supreme court gave the decision last year.


According to Indiana's legislative report projects, the state will collect about $13 million per year as revenue from its 9.5% tax on the casinos. That clears that about $430 million wagering taxes collected from the past year from the casino.