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Illionois scales legalization of DFS betting

Illionois scales legalization of DFS betting

Last Wednesday The Illinois House gave its initial approval to a measure that would legalize betting on DFS. However, some lawmakers promulgated their concern about the way the bill was vetted, so it is still uncertain if the bill get's full passage.



As is going on in many states of the USA, the proposal would regulate how the online businesses operate by dictating who is able to play, and by taxing and charging operators licensing fees. Players have to be 21 years or older to attend, and employees at the companies are barred from participating in contests.



The industry's leading companies, DraftKings and FanDuel, have been lobbying for regulation around the country that would allow them to continue operating. This was as a result of some states claiming that what they were doing amounted to ollegal online gambling.



It is said that 2 million people in Illionois participate in DFS games, which makes Illinois the third-largest market for the contests. In all, 35 states have introduced legislation addressing DFS betting, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.



Republican Rep. Ron Sandack shared his displeasure about the way the measure was dealt with: “If I were granted a casino license, I don't get top open up the shop and start letting gambling occur while the gaming board vets me. The vetting occurs first so that the operations are lawful, so that the people doing the gaming are lawful, so that the game isn't rigged – all that occurs first. Then licenses are given. We're doing this backwards and I don't think that's fair.”