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Illinois Lawmakers Wants to Put Sports Betting On The Table

Illinois Lawmakers Wants to Put Sports Betting On The Table

Here's good news for you if you are a sports fans. Your next win could get even more exciting as the lawmakers of Illinois state want to legalize sports betting. Louis I. Lang, a Democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives, has filed the bill. He wants to get the conversation started even though he was not even sold on the idea yet but wants to get the conversation started.

Sports betting is illegal in Illinois and New Jersey. Lang is eying on upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case. A favorable decision could change the legalization statute in New Jersey as well as in Illinois. If a positive decision comes, Lang will move his step in towards the legalization of sports betting in Illinois.

Michael Tucker, a sports fan, said: "It already happens so I would be interested it. It would do it; it would be fun." On the other side, a waitress at Springfield's Brickhouse Grill and Pub, Nicole Stapleton, said: ''It will be a hit. I think customers would like it I mean any gambling usually bring in really significant revenue." Lang wants to explore the option through discussion and research. However, Sara Wojcicki Jimenez said that she is open to listening. 

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