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Illegal Bookies to have a Tough Time on Off-shores

Illegal Bookies to have a Tough Time on Off shores

The world loves both sports and sports in the form of entertainment. The same goes with the Aussies where horse racing event is considered a great sport for all. With horse racing coming into the picture, there must be some sort of scandals regarding the illegal bookmakers. Well, we often hear that billions of cash flow into the account of the bookies and it has now turned into a burning issue. To counter this illegal activity the Australian horse racing authorities have stepped up to take measures along with the action team. They have joined the Asian Racing Federation to take down the illegal bookmakers for the horse racing game.

With the development of the anti-illegal betting taskforce, they are planning to investigate the black market of betting in Asia. The Aussie authority have also signed a MoU with the Asian Racing Federation. The off-shore bookies had a great option as for the native customers as they did not fall under the law or the rule book of the Aussie Government. They used to offer the punters much higher limits in terms of betting which were illegal on these lands. Now the rule has become very strict and from now on the bookie would be very cautious.