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Heavy betting on the royal baby


Britain, a well known nation for betting found another event to bet on for the past months. While the Duchess of Cambridge was in labour at St. Mary’s hospital in London, the event caused a widespread betting spree amongst Royalty fans. Some of the odds for what has been called the biggest novelty market of all time included:

1. Better odds if you had bet that the baby would be named Hermione (150/1).
2. Odds on the baby named Olympia were 200/1. 250/1 if the baby was named Wayne.
3. As for who will be the future godparents, David Beckham, Prince Harry and Pippa are on the hot list.
4. Odds on where the baby will attend college: Saint Andrews (2/1), Cambridge (3/1) and Oxford (3/1).
5. The baby’s career choice is also on stake. Paddy Power offers the art field (10/1), equestrian (14/1) and journalism (90/1).
6. The odds that the royal baby will compete in the Olympcis are (25/1).