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Greek OPAP in Deal with GTECH G2

Greek OPAP in Deal with GTECH G2

The Greek betting company OPAP have signed a partnership agreement with GTECH G2, in order for them to provide more betting services to their market in the coming months. OPAP has been dying slowly over the past couple of years, despite having monopoly on the Greek market and therefore has been on the search for new partners to help them grow their business again.

After having talked to several different online betting solution companies, the choice landed on GTECH G2, who has great experience in regulated markets. They will provide new features and solutions for OPAP up to the World Cup this summer and ensure that OPAP are ready for the tournament.

OPAP used to be owned by the state, but is owned privately nowadays. Despite not being state own, they still have monopoly in Greece which should have given them a huge advantage, if it wasn't because they are not able to modernize it properly. The company have just only entered online and does not offer a mobile betting solution yet, which leaves them behind their online competitors by miles.

The reason for OPAP still having monopoly is due to the Greek governments refusing to provide any new betting licenses to new companies. Greece had several different large betting companies operating in the country, until the new licensing system was accepted and put in place, where only OPAP was given a license. 

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