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Governments Need to Get More Involved in Match-Fixing

Governments Need to Get More Involved in Match Fixing

When football players get involved in cases of corruption and match-fixing, they risk losing their careers. But those involved in the background and who motivate players to break the rules, rarely encounter any risk to themselves, according to FIFA head of security, Ralf Mutschke.

In the last decade there have been more player bans for match-fixing than in any previous, similar time period. Many of these bans have been for life, many players have faced heavy fines and some have even been incarcerated. Many of these players were driven to corruption by cash-strapped football clubs which in cases, withheld payment even for months at a time.

According to Ralf Mutschke, "The fixer is moving from one player or referee to the next, and is basically exempt, cannot be prosecuted, but when we know about the players, we ban them for life from football. It’s not a good deterrent for organised crime, for the criminals, and I say clearly, we need the assistance of governments, and the political will to change".

"We would like the criminals, the ones bribing the players, to get a stricter sentence to deter them. Currently there is no deterrent, they are moving around, they approaching people, with what we call cold approach. They have no risk, and that is awful".