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Golf Pro Phil Mickelson Loses $1 Bet To Fan

Golf Pro Phil Mickelson Loses 1 Bet To Fan

The world famous Masters at Augusta will reach its epic conclusion today but super star Phil Mickelson won’t be among the ones contending for the title. Mickelson has earned more than $80 million throughout his illustrious career but on a practice round at Augusta he had to hand over $1 to a fan after losing a little bet.

The practice round Mickelson played on Friday was semi-serious and after missing the green on his tee shot a fan got into it with him.

"He was mouthing off about 'hard shot, get this up-and-down, no chance, blah, blah, blah,' " Mickelson said to Yahoo about the fan he ultimately ended up betting $1 with.

Mickelson bet that he could get the ball back onto the green and put for par, on this par-3 hole, and the loud mouth middle-aged man gladly accepted the bet.

While the $1 would not make a difference it either man’s life it was about pride and Mickelson’s took a little hit after he failed to make par.

"It wasn't a hard shot," Mickelson said. "I should have gotten it up and down."

After tapping in the ball for bogey Mickelson walked over to the gentleman and paid off his debt. Apparently Mickelson and his friends had been betting on their golf play throughout the day and rumor has it that was for much more money. When you’re Phil Mickelson you’re always a winner, even though his pride might’ve taken a little hit that Friday afternoon.