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Germany’s Interstate Gambling Treaty Faces Setback as Schleswig-Holstein Disapprove

Germany s Interstate Gambling Treaty Faces Setback as Schleswig Holstein Disapprove

Schleswig-Holstein government officially voted down the amendments which were introduced to the law in the March on Friday giving a setback to Germany’s Interstate Treaty on Gambling.

The northernmost state in Germany also brought up its plans to bring in its own set of gambling rules framework which includes expanded online gambling options.

The Interstate Treaty on Gambling was first introduced in 2012, proposed to legalise and regulate the online sports betting services in the country. To come into force the very part of the legislature needed approval from the government in all the 16 states. Schleswig-Holstein was the last state to do so.

Previously the new law was challenged to place a limit on the number of interested operators to enter the market, which was set to 20 for online sports betting licenses.

However, the cap violated the European Commission announcing the legislature to violate the EU principles for the free distribution of services across the union.

Slight modifications were introduced to the Interstate Treaty on Gambling in the March 2017 in the hope of pleasing EU authorities with a regulated market by 2018. The limit however not removed was extended to 40 from 20.

Schleswig-Holstein government didn’t approve of the amendments enforced as it still violated the EU laws and their legislators wanted to pay particular attention to responsible gambling controls while protecting vulnerable people from gambling addiction and other related problems.