| On 7 years ago

Germany sports betting status still murky


Germany has been extraordinarily slow in the process of granting gaming licenses for sports betting and apparently for no good reason other than bureaucratic problems. Germany decided to create a federal interstate gambling treaty between its 16 provinces or states which became law but which still generates problems regarding the granting of licenses for sports betting.

The country’s gaming authorities have proven to be extremely inefficient, which for a country that boasts about efficiency and effectiveness, is a nearly unforgivable sin. It seems so far only 41 applications have been filled out, of which half were granted an interview with the other half apparently not having met the Interior Ministry’s minimum requirements for licensing.

It is in the hands of official from the province of Hessen to grant licenses and making sure applicants are conforming to all rules. The reason for the delays seem to be rooted on there being no proper guidelines compatible with EU commission rules on free e-commerce among member nations.