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Gambling Considered Threat to National Security in Uganda

Gambling Considered Threat to National Security in Uganda

Major General Peter Elwelu, Commander of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces, has spoken in favor of tightening the regulation of the gambling industry in the country.

In his view, crime rates across the country are on the rise, and poor youth tend to increasingly engage in betting rather than any sensible economic activity.

According to Elwelu, the problem of gambling has escalated to pose a serious threat to the country’s national security. He stated that many young people have become poorer as a result of gambling, hence the government should change its approach to doing away with poverty in the country and increase support for local anti-poverty programmes.

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) accepted General Elwelu’s proposal and announced that it was going to raise taxes in an effort to better regulate gambling. According to the financial body, abolishing gambling would be a no-go option at this stage.