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FSB Technology and BeanBagSports Signs Long-Term Agreement

FSB Technology and BeanBagSports Signs Long Term Agreement

The UK-based sports betting platform provider FSB Technology, announced today that they have signed a deal to supply BeanBagSports with a fully-optimised sports betting service. The agreement between the two will see FSB trade different sports for the operator while BeanBagSports will provide an innovative platform.

“We’re delighted to have concluded a deal with BeanBagSports, who provide a unique service to their customers and need a bespoke service as a result. Our managed solution will enable them to deliver on their strategy around the live sports event experience. As well as a diverse range of data feeds, a top trading team and a wide variety of sports, they will also have our modern CRM tools at their disposal.” Richard Torp, Business Development Director for FSB said.

Head of BeanBagSports, Jessica Sachs, said: “We were very impressed with the quality of FSB’s service and their tailored approach. It is also great to have control over the look and feel of our website through a functional set of APIs. We need the right sports markets on the right devices for the modern day tech-savvy consumer and are confident that our new partner provides us with the right tools to deliver a top class betting experience, particularly in-play.”