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FSB Tech Launches Fully Responsive Sportsbook Platform and iOS App

FSB Tech Launches Fully Responsive Sportsbook Platform and iOS App

FSB Technology, one of the leading sportsbook platform providers in Europe, announced today that they are the first managed service provider to successfully build and release a full-responsible sportsbook platform and launch a native iOS application at the same time.

The platform will stay the same no matter which operational system, tablet or smart-phone the player will be using, which makes it easier for the players to navigate around when changing system. The application is currently available in the UK app store, using the Apple technology for easiness for the customers.

Operators can control the surface of the platform through a CMS system, allowing them to change different things as well as create landingpages for players and affiliates. Should an operator have their own development team they can simply use the API's provided to create their own custom front-end and also create their own segmentation tools and awards programs.

“These investments into the user experience and our market leading CRM tools are helping to establish FSB as the most advanced sports betting platform on the market. Many operators using a managed service are struggling to present a fresh experience to their customers. We are confident our platform will allow them to move away from these blanket offers that are reliant on number of markets traded being their only attempt at a point of difference.” David McDowell, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of FSB Technology said.

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