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France reports gambling revenue spike

France reports gambling revenue spike

The gambling industry in France is seeing a revenue rise. The latest report of the Autorite de Regulation des Jeux En Ligne (ARJEL) revealed significant growth over the three months to the end of September – 23% year-on-year increase in aggregated revenues from sportsbetting and 11% swell in total poker takings. The statement in the report credits the positive dynamics of the sportsbetting market to an opening of the online gaming market.

 French online gaming revenues had grown by 23% year-on-year to reach $639 million in the aggregated third-quarter. The ARJEL report suggested that aggregated online sportsbetting earnings for the three-month period reached $125 million.

 Soccer remained the most popular event to have a flutter. Of all bets, 60% were on soccer while horseracing was purportedly the second most common sport with operators having processed over $284 million in bets to make 15% more year-on-year at $70 million.

 France’s online poker, which has been witnessing the decreasing number of active players on sites, has bounced back with European shared liquidity on the horizon. It has witnessed its biggest three-month revenue rise in almost six years, collecting $67 million with cash games alone and generating 5% profit at $25 million.

 The ARJEL report also found that there had been nearly 301,000 active player accounts during the third quarter, to contribute in an almost 26% boost when compared to the 239,000 recorded for the same period in 2016. Furthermore, a 14% jump from online poker tournaments to $41 million as overall stakes improved by 9% to surpass the $1 billion milestone.

 France is expecting for a continued increases in quarters to come. There is a plenty of excitement in the market, and more applicants than ever are striving for new online gambling licences. Going by the trends, France can soon catch-up with the rest of the Europe’s gambling revenue and stamp its foothold.