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Fortuna Entertainment Reports Major Growth In First Half

Fortuna Entertainment Reports Major Growth In First Half


Central Europe based betting operator, Fortuna Entertainment group has reported continued growth in the company’s unaudited preliminary H1 results. The company claims the strong performances in the traditional markets have resulted in the growth.

The Fortuna Group was established in the year 2009; it was among the first online operators in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

The CEO and the Chairman of the Board, Fortuna Entertainment Group N.V., Per Widerström, has told the betting volume accepted by the firm “continued to grow rapidly”, up by 40.9%, reaching €720.7m, in comparison to the same period of the previous year. 

The impressive figures are a result of Fortuna’s online gaming ventures in the Czech Republic, and stark performance of the newly acquired group, Hattrick Sports. The group also increased its win percentage by an impressive 24% to €100.2m on year to year basis.