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Formula One Hungary - Odds on Outright Winner

Formula One Hungary Odds on Outright Winner

The Formula One organization and its huge following has come to Hungary and after an interesting weekend with lots of surprises in the qualification, we are ready for the race to begin in just a couple of hours.

In the qualification rounds the biggest surprise came when Lewis Hamilton's car broke into fire and forced him to start at the very end of the line, making it virtually impossible for him to reach any podium place. For Kevin Magnussen a promising qualification turned into horror as he crashed on the wet surface and basically destroyed his car, qualifying in 10th place but might have to start from the pitlane and thus end as the last one out.

With the biggest favourite to win starting at the very end, Nico Rosberg is now the major favourite to take home the title in Hungary, only giving odds 1.28 for him as outright winner. Sebastian Vettel is the second favourite to win at odds 7.00, while Valtteri Bottas is the third favourite at odds 15.00.

As the odds clearly show, Rosberg is the major favourite to win as he has been more or less invincible when Hamilton has not started in front of him or right behind him. And with a track like the Hungarian one, which is not only narrow but also have corners constantly, it is very difficult to overtake anyone.

Odds from Bet365.com.

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