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Formula One Comes to Belgium

Formula One Comes to Belgium

The Formula One summer holiday is over and the drivers are finally back in their seats and ready to race. The break has been used by all of the teams to try and make their cars better, while the drivers has been giving feedback to if they believe it has helped or not. As the standings are currently, it looks like everything will be decided between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

The two Mercedes F1 team-mates are quite the couple, as they cannot stand each other. They refuse to help one another in any sort of way, even if it wouldn't harm their own position, simply because they want to beat the other so much that they cannot work together in any sort of way.

This has created one of the most boring and still interesting seasons in many years. Boring due to the fact that these two will dominate 85% of all races throughout the season, but interesting due to their intense rivalry and the funny press conferences after, where the trashtalk has no problem being spoken.

As usual it will also be these two that you should look out for in the Belgian F1 race, but as we have seen lately, the Mercedes can run into some trouble so it might become an interesting race overall.