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Former Ladbrokes Employee Avoids Prison After Stealing

Former Ladbrokes Employee Avoids Prison After Stealing

There will always be crooked people in a work place, no matter which industry you have a look at. Because of that it is not something out of the ordinary that a former Ladbrokes employee stole £1,000 from the betting shop in Hall of Place, Spalding. How things went after he got caught however, is a bit out of the ordinary.

The former employee was caught by his employer, Ladbrokes, stealing a mere £1,000 from the register while working. The employee was fired and Ladbrokes wanted to press charges against the employee, ensuring that they would receive their money back and that the ex employee would receive the punishment that he should, accordingly with the law.

But the Crown Prosecution Service decided to discontinue the trial against the man, as he had already paid back the money to Ladbrokes, giving him a free pass from stealing from his work place. While it shows good intentions that the former employee paid back the money, would he have done it if he hadn't got caught?

Apparently the court believed so and decided to discontinue the trial against him and let him go. Ladbrokes has not made any comments towards the case, but might just make the employees pay back the cash they stole instead of spending money on dragging them to court and see them get a free pass. 

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