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Football superstar Beckham to promote casinos in China

Football superstar Beckham to promote casinos in China

David Beckham, retired football superstar, has agreed to promote properties by the Las Vegas Sands corporation in Macau. Beckham is very popular in the region and the company wants to exploit this in its benefit. Las Vegas Sands corporation is the biggest casino operator in Macau, which has in the last few years become a gambling mecca in the area.

Casinos and gambling are illegal in mainland China and Sands is hoping to win the attention of the authorities using Beckham as spokesperson for the corporation. Exact details abot the deal between Sands and Beckham are not available yet, but Sands will definitely use Beckham's image and brand in its dinning and retail sectors within its casinos.

Sands owns four very successfull casinos in Macau with The Venetian, being the largest casino in the world.

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