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Florida Senator Jeff Brandes is planning to legalize online sports betting

Florida Senator Jeff Brandes is planning to legalize online sports betting

United States is responsible for an estimated multi-billion dollar sports betting industry. And Florida Senators, Jeff Brandes, is planning to change that in the Sunshine State by legalizing sports bets on apps or websites, similar to that of fantasy betting.

However, this isn’t the first time the bill has been proposed many times before for the legalization of sports bets. In the previous year a bill was introduced but it was failed due to push back from the Seminole Tribe, who runs all state casinos. And every time any bill gets introduced the question comes: Is sports betting considered casino gambling?

Apart from the Seminole Tribe, Disney may also fight against it, said Fort Myers attorney Kevin Jursinki. In addition a law was also in 2018 which requires gaming expansion to be voted on at local level. And one thing the bill does offer is regulation.

Later Jurinski said, “Should it be done? Absolutely, Does it make sense? Of course. Is it happening? Yes. Is the state getting any money on it now? No. Is it a crime? Yeah. Can we make it legal? Yeah! Why shouldn’t we? But I don’t think from what I’ve read it’s gonna happen,” said Jursinki.

While on the opposing, a bill filed in the House just this week calls for more gambling restrictions.

Representative Will Robinson, in order to keep sports betting illegal wants all Florida ads and tickets to include a warning displaying: Play Responsibly. The Executive Director of Hazelden Betty Ford Florida, Brenda Iliff, said that these warnings could be beneficial.

“Anything that affects our dopamine or some of our other chemicals in our brain can be highly addictive for some people… So, we want to advocate for responsible gaming, but there are people that are gonna cross the line and their lives will be devastated.” She said.