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Father And Son Pleaded Guilty Of Running Illegal Sports Betting Ring

Father And Son Pleaded Guilty Of Running Illegal Sports Betting Ring

A father and son pleaded guilty in San Diego federal court on Tuesday for allegedly running an illegal sports betting ring out of the Lucky Lady Casino and card room on El Cajon Boulevard.

Sanders Segal, 66, accepted of managing Segal’s Lucky Lady Sports Book from 2013 to 2016, where he would direct his associates of placing illegal bets on overseas gambling website from Costa Rica, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Curacao, on behalf of his customers in the U.S.

Sydney Segal, 34, Sander’s son, admitted being a part of the illegal gamble with the card room’s profit. Sydney was an employee who managed the cage at the casino. He also admitted to acting as the operation’s bookkeeper, keeping a record of the bets won and lost.

The prosecution alleged that the profit generated from the earnings were near $1 million. Sanders admitted to receiving 10 percent of the profits in the business.

Sanders and Sydney agreed to forfeit their proceeds of $222,000 and $10,000 respectively, as a part of their plea.

Among the 14 prosecuted in the case the owner of the casino, Stanley Samuel Penn, all have pleaded guilty except for him and David Greg Leppo, accused of owning some of the sports betting sites. Both are set to undergo a trial in October.