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Fantasy Sports Likely to Stay Fantasy For Texas

Fantasy Sports Likely to Stay Fantasy For Texas

Fantasy sports sites in Texas still hold in a dark place, a year and a half later after the Attorney General Ken Paxton issued an opinion bringing it at par with illegal gambling and its likely to remain the similar way.

The legislative session on Monday ended without passing any decision aimed at clearing a view on the fate of the paid sites, whether they are legal in the state.

Paxton compared paid fantasy sports sites to online gambling, which is illegal. The free fantasy sports sites like those hosted by Yahoo, ESPN, and the NFL weren’t the target, the focus was paid sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel, which lets customers to win money based off their virtual teams.


While FanDuel stopped the paid contests, DraftKings went ahead with a lawsuit against Paxton, seeking help from court to issue declaratory judgement regarding fantasy sports websites permissibility.

The state Rep. Richard Peña Raymond, D-Laredo, retaliated by stating an obvious fact of calling it legal already. However, he wanted to make it clearer with new legislation.