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Everton Announces Lucrative Shirt Sponsorship with Africa’s SportPesa

Everton Announces Lucrative Shirt Sponsorship with Africa s SportPesa

According to Everton this deal with SportPesa will be the most lucrative shirt sponsorship deal in the 140-year history of the club.  SportPesa will replace the Thai brewing giant Chang who have been the sponsors since 2004.

The sponsorship will commence 1 June and is to last for 5 years. It will have the African betting company, SportPesa’s name on the shirt.

According to an Everton spokesperson, they were impressed by SportPesa right from the start and they are currently working together to work towards common future goals.

SportPesa has indicated that they are committed to both the Everton club and the city of Liverpool where they intend opening their new European headquarters. This position will allow SportPesa to directly engage with supporters through various fan activities.