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Eurobet Rolls it With Super Live Soccer Solution

Eurobet Rolls it With Super Live Soccer Solution

Eurobet which is one of the leaders in the sports betting industry, in a successful attempt to change the Italian regulated market’s current in play picture launched the Super Live Soccer content of Metric Gaming. This makes Eurobet the first company in the country that is related to the real-time markets offering in-play football betting.

This new addition to the company’s soccer product offering was long wanted as it would give the operator’s marketing teams with the chance to communicate with the customers and discuss the product.

Eurobet revealed that their customers would get a chance to reach a high-quality in-play betting solution, that would allow them to bet on one-minute and five-minute marketing.

The customers would be given a 10-second opportunity to place their bets before the market’s closure. They will also have access to seven different 'Super Live' markets, at any point of the game. This will provide them with instant betting opportunities.

Eurobet has been trusted over the fact that it adds most innovative solutions to its products in the market to keep its customers updated with the latest gaming and betting trends.