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Easy and Instant Returns offered by Cheza Gaming

Easy and Instant Returns offered by Cheza Gaming

Cheza Gaming, a new betting firm, has launched its flagship product called Hela 5. The game gives sports enthusiasts an opportunity to place their bets during a live sports match, as for example in betting that a goal is scored within a time period.  If this prediction comes true, the win is 5 times the original stake.  The Hela 5 game is an easy way of getting potential players to get in the betting arena.

 Many players are wanting to play games but find sports betting too complicated.  So with this solution, they are able to get into the sports betting field as it is a very easy and fun to play.  They can register and predict the scores via online, USSD or SMS 

The company intends to release more Hela brands in the near future; Vuvuhela and Helasports. 

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