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Dutch Star Patrick Kluivert Faces Betting Investigation


Dutch media reported that Patrick Kluivert, former assistant Dutch national football coach and current director at French football club Paris Saint-German, had accummulated a one million euro football betting debt to a criminal gang.

According to the newspaper, there is no evidence that Kluivert has participated in illegal match-fixing. However, the media claimed that the former coach of Dutch club FC Twente’s reserve team at the time placed bets on the first matches of the club in 2011 and 2012.

This was not a criminal act back then but Kluivert lost a huge amount of borrowed money which he has since only partially repaid.

Five arrests were carried out in February in relation to the affair. Kluivert was summoned to court as a witness to testify about documents linking the gang to him.

It has also been reported that the criminal group put pressure on Kluivert by threatening to release a tape in which he is bargaining about the debt.