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DraftKings launches DFS in the United Kingdom

DraftKings launches DFS in the United Kingdom

After delays for almost a year, there is good news for UK-based fans of DFS. DraftKings Inc. finally accepts wagers from players in the UK. New players will be able to play against existing customers in the States and Canada.



Soccer will be the most popular sport, but fanciers of other sports can play Fantasy Basketball, Football, Tennis and all other sports.

The cause of DraftKings' delay was the ongoing scrutiny whether the Fantasy-contests violated any gambling laws. DraftKings' leading position in the Fantasy-industry will increase with the newly launched product in the UK.



DraftKings estimates there will be around 1 million UK-habitants playing DFS. Each contestant pays entry fees to create their perfect team, which makes the cash prizes huge, reaching up to $5 million. DraftKings said last week it had paid out its billionth dollar in cash and prizes since the very start in 2012.