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Danske Spil Used to Launder Dirty Money

Danske Spil Used to Launder Dirty Money

The Danish gambling market was regulated in January of 2012, where it was made possible for operators to purchase a license and gain access to the lucrative Danish market. Prior to that, Danske Spil, which is partially owned by the state, had a monopoly on the land-based market.

Times have changed however and it seems that Danske Spil has gotten themselves in some problems in the past years, as they are now being accused of not being pro-active enough to avoid money laundering.

It has been seen quite often lately that when the Danish police has been investigating big drug-related cases with lots of cash, they'll also find betting tickets from Danske Spil, which has been used to launder the money clean.

"It's something that we often see. We have had many cases where we find big stacks of betting coupons, used to try and launder their dirty money" Steffen Thaaning Steffensen from the Copenhagen Police Department said to

"It's a method that we are all familiar with. One of the most popular variations to do is to place a bet on all three outcomes of a match and receive around 90% of the money back" Vice State Attorney, Per Fiig said to Politiken.

With Danske Spil it is possible to place bets up to DKK 10,000 (€1,300) completely anonymously in a betting shop, which allows people to go around completely anonymously and launder tons of money every single day at a very small cost compared to paying the regular taxes.

The Danish politicians are now looking to change the way that betting in shops is handled and considers the Norwegian model where all bettors have to have a "gambling card" to be able to place any sort of bets, which would then eliminate the anonymity for players. 

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